Doyle Tattoo
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"Deirdre Doyle - with a name befitting a comic book heroine, Ms. Doyle is poised to take over the art world with her multifaceted talents and vision.

She is a highly versatile artist, displaying proficiency in drawing, painting, tattooing, storyboarding, photography, sketching, children's books and character design. Having studied art at Parsons School of Design and under David J. Passalacqua in NYC, she now hangs her hat in her native Boston.

She divides her free time between her menagerie of animals, getting tattooed in painful places and browsing used book stores for obscure reference books. Feel free to inquire about purchases, commissions or gainful employment. Don't miss your chance to own an original by an artist destined for greatness!"

-Salty Dave

"Deirdre Doyle makes my mouth water. Luscious, alive, luminous and so evocative of those things we want that we do not get. Enjoy her vision, her humor, her precision with the edges of what is tangible, tasty and forbidden. She brings to life dreams and honors the wonder and confusion that lies at the heart of our deepest secrets... Drink this up, it is real, it is lush, it is delicious."

-Double Dare Press